The offer of the ESN Perugia section focuses on four topics: welcoming, accommodation, integration and outgoing support. Each topic includes more activities, called projects.

Going into detail, the welcoming service is directed to all the incoming students through the #BeFriend and Welcome Days projects. Both projects have as main goal to establish a direct relationship with the Erasmus students, understanding their needs and supporting them throughout the whole period of studies in Perugia.

This is followed by the accommodation service - through the project Erasmus Accommodation - a useful tool which facilitates the search for a house. It is not easy to find a place to stay in a new city, that is why ESN Perugia helps you with a direct and safe search for an accommodation.

Erasmus means knowing and relating, and our organisation knows how to create meeting events for the students: Italian Language Lab, NEG, ICE, SocialErasmus, ExchangeAbility, TripUs and Enjoy Your Erasmus are just a few of the many projects which are aimed to enrich your experience here in Perugia.

Lastly, there are many actions aimed at supporting the Italian students which are preparing to participate to the Erasmus+ project, through the Scholarships and Erasmus in Schools projects.

ESN Perugia makes your Erasmus easier!