On July 14th 1890 at the Sala della Vaccara, approximately 50 persons found the “Sport Association Braccio Fortebraccio”.

The origins of the Celebration of Calendimaggio of Assisi go back to the pagan traditions, which celebrated the return of Spring, therefore the renew of the life cycle through joyful ceremonies.

The festival moved its first steps in Perugia on October 23rd 1994, on the inauguration day of the first edition.

From 1981 during Christmas time a group of volunteers realizes what became the biggest Christmas Tree in the whole world, according to the Guinnes world record book.

Trasimeno. This is the name of the lake of Perugia, which comes from its geographical location: over the mount Imeno (or Menio), its pre-roman name, which delimits it at south.

The International Journalism Festival (IJF) is a cultural event dedicated to journalism, which takes place in Perugia every year during the month of April.

The Giostra della Quintana is one of the events not to be missed for those who come to Umbria. It takes place in Foligno in June and September.


The Palio of Boats is a competition which takes place every year in Passignano on the last Sunday of July.

Perugia 1416 is based on the participation of the five districts of the city and aims to promote the contribution of the population with a project which has precise purposes of social ga