Subscribe your ESNcard now!

The ESNcard is a necessary condition to be part of the ESN network. Once you will have signed up for it, it will possible for you to benefit from any service provided by ESN, as well as discounts from partner shops in Perugia, Italy or even in Europe.

The ESNcard is also necessary to partake in trips, cultural events, the #BeItalian project, sporting activities, and so much more through your Erasmus stay. The card symbolises in fact to be part of the ESN Perugia section as well as the whole Network. It aims at supporting students and giving them several opportunities during and after their exchange period, facilitating their stay in Perugia. The ESNcard is used by more than 12.000 students every year in 37 different countries. It is distributed in almost every country ESN has a section in.

The ESNcard represents both the adhesion to the ESN network as well as an efficient tool you can take advantage of in different situations. In case you would like to benefit from 15% discounts on Ryanair flights, Flixbus tickets, just spare money while shopping or at the entrance of your favourite clubs: The ESNcard is your ‘ace in the hole’ you can use both in Perugia and in Europe.

How to sign up for ESN and get the ESNcard:

You can get the ESN card whether you are an international exchange student in Perugia – no matter which study abroad programme -  or just being part of the ESN Volunteer Staff.

Fill in the following form. ESN Perugia undertakes to ensure compliance with the rules and respect for privacy.

Come meet us during Welcome Days or just come by for office hours on Tuesdays or Thursdays 6-8 pm. The cost for registration is 10€ and will provide the ESNcard. Get a passport-photo (2,7cm*3,5cm) to attach to the card. The ESNcard lacking of photo is not valid. per scoprire tutti gli sconti in tutta Europa e qui per saperne di più sugli sconti a Perugia.