On Saturday 10 March 2018, the ESN Perugia association won the candidature of the National School 2018 with 72% of the votes in favour and the Star Awards Best Website and The Most Proficient Section with ESNcard.

The National Platform of Bari will be remembered for a long time among the no profit ESN Perugia, since it represents the moment in which the section was considered one of the most deserving and inspiring sections of the Italian network of the year 2017.
The awards won were for the Best Website and The Most Proficient ection with ESNcard. Going into detail, winning the Best Web Site award means that the local association has created a complete, clear, user-friendly, updated, and original online portal, while having obtained the most proficient Section Award with ESNcard means having enhanced the association that, during the year, has distinguished itself for its perseverance, inventiveness and commitment into the implementation of partnerships at local level and promotion to the audience of local and national partnerships through their respective official channels. Added to this, ESN Perugiawon the chance to be the hosting section for the ESN National School 2018, a national event in which 80 ESNer from all over Italy will be trained on behalf of the Executive Board of ESN Italia with the aim of increasing the quality of the largest student network in Europe.

The results obtained have been a great deal of trust and recognition of a constant improvement work that day after day inspires the volunteers of the Umbrian capital. Within ESN Perugia, there is an active group that with organization, dedication and commitment, offers its knowledge to the cause.

The 10th of March showed that the path taken is the right one to reach the established goal, that is offering the best service possible and supporting incoming students in the city of Perugia.

ESN Perugia stays strong and will always do.