Erasmus in Perugia has never been this fun!

The Association PEP (Perugia Erasmus Project) was born by the idea of a small group of students of the University for Foreigners of Perugia who, after taking part to the Erasmus project, couldn’t say goodbye to an experience which indelibly but positively marked their lives. The association’s mission is to provide assistance to and enrich the experience of the students who chose Perugia as the city where to spend their studies abroad.

Starting October 2008, the Association Perugia Erasmus Project becomes part of the European network ESN - Erasmus Student Network adopting the name ESN PEP Perugia (to everybody simply known as ESN Perugia) and thus widening the reach and importance of its own initiatives. The reasons behind the entry in this network reside in the shared belief of ESN, “students helping students” and the constant effort to improve the offers for the incoming students, thanks to the knowledge and means made available by the biggest network in Europe. Going into detail about the activities of the Umbrian section, these are divided in four macro areas: welcoming, accommodation, integration and outgoing support.

The first area matches the series of actions aimed at the incoming students through the #BeFriend project in order to make their arrival in Perugia easier. The service consists in creating a direct connection with the erasmus, to understand their needs and support them during their whole stay.

Our second area is the accommodation service, thanks to the Erasmus Accommodation project, useful tool to ease the search for housing. Finding a place in a new city isn’t easy, this is why ESN Perugia is committed to make the search for accommodation more direct and secure.

Erasmus means getting to know, making new relationships, and the association is a master in creating many meeting occasions between students. Trips, cultural and social activities, Italian language courses, language tandems, parties and events are only a few examples of the various offers aimed at making the experience even more memorable.

Finally there are a series of actions supporting the italian students preparing to participate in an Erasmus+ project.

The section is in constant growth and improvement, with a clear internal organization, concrete objectives and a capable staff, the perugian non-profit is well-established in the umbrian territory, so much to be a benchmark for international students, study centres and various economic activities of the city.

ESN Perugia, changes the way of living the Erasmus in Perugia.