ESN Italy, as an Italian network of voluntary, non-partisan and non-denominational university associations, which offer their services to visiting foreign students at Italian universities and Italian institutions interested in exchange programmes, is itself a free non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational association, that pursues all the objectives expressed in the Charter and Guidelines of the International Network of which it is part. Therefore, it aims to promote the mobility of university students in Europe:

  • Welcoming and advising foreign students for a period of study at an Italian university (through a service that goes from the search for accommodation to mentoring and organization of cultural and recreational events that promote the integration of foreign students in the local university environment);
  • Providing an up-to-date information service on European inter-university exchange programmes;
  • Developing a systematic evaluation of the programmes themselves, through the experience of the students who took part in them.
    ESN Italia has currently 54 active sections. The active sections offer a regular opening hours in the offices provided by the International Relations Offices or Foreign Relations Offices of the University with which they collaborate. There is one ESN section per university. The opening hours vary according to local needs.

ESN Italia is the institution that coordinates all local sections located in the territory.