Erasmus Welcome Days is an initiative promoted by ESN Italy, with the aim of spreading and increasing the value of the Erasmus mobility experience for study and Placement.

Founded in 2010, the project is called "Erasmus Welcome Days" (EWD), since it consists of several days dedicated to welcoming young people in Italian cities chosen to carry out the Erasmus programme or other mobility programmes promoted by the European Commission.

The aim of this project is to present and promote activities in favour of Erasmus and the community which each ESN section carries out throughout the year.

The objectives to be pursued through EWD are the following:

  • encouraging the direct relationship between young people and the European and national institutions, allowing them to contribute to the spread of the European spirit among a wide audience of young Italian and international students;
  • offer a unique opportunity for foreign students to get to know their Italian colleagues and the teaching-administrative staff with whom they will have to interact during their study period in Italy;
  • provide Universities with the opportunity to build a network with Europe Direct, Eurodesk and other EU information networks.

Erasmus Welcome Days is a challenge, which every year is proposed again for the entire Italian Network, as it contributes to give importance to the Erasmus project, both for the territory and for the different local realities in which it is carried out.

Several institutions have supported the initiative, allowing good media coverage on a local and national scale, giving Italian Universities the possibility to interact with the European Union's information networks.

In recent years, about 20,000 students from all over Europe have taken advantage of the service and nearly 50 ESN sections have been involved throughout Italy.



The Welcome Week of the second semester will be held from 11th to 17th February 2019