Sapore Greco

Costas and Xristos brought here in Perugia their love and passion for the greek flavours that they have in their roots!

We will wait for you in Corso Garibaldi at walking distance from the University for Foreigners, in a place where you will be able to taste the most famous Greek dishes, starting from pitas and ending with the desserts of the Greek tradition, passing through the salads that made Greece famous all around the world.

The only thing left to do is to come here and taste flavours like a journey to one of those beautiful Greek islands where everyone dreams to go to!

With ESNcard you will have a special price: Pita+Fries+Drink for just 8€ or a 10% discount on everything else!

Bring your ESNcard with you and get special discounts for your Erasmus in Perugia!