Ryanair, the number one airline company for Italy, offers Erasmus students great savings with discounts on fares, free luggage and personalized travel offers.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Erasmus programme provides university students from all over Europe with the opportunity to study for one year in a European city other than their own, facilitating cultural and academic exchanges and improving language skills in 37 countries. More than 3 million students have benefited from the Erasmus programme since its launch.

The partnership with Erasmus Student Network, part of the 4th year of the Always Getting Better programme, will offer:

  • 15% discount on flights on the Rynair.com website
  • One piece of baggage to be checked in free of charge for each booked flight
  • A booking portal dedicated to Erasmus students
  • A Community forum where to share travel tips
  • Weekly travel offers to make it easier for Erasmus students to move around Europe
  • Personalized offers during the trip with the Ryanair mobile app

The offer will last 4 years since 1 September 2017

How to get the discount?

Register on ESNcard.org. As this data will be used to validate your ESNcard, please make sure you fill in all fields of your profile precisely.

Click here and register (or log in if you are already registered) on the Raynair website. It is essential that all information entered into your ESNcard.org account is the same as that entered into your Ryanair account.  

Enter your first and last name, year of birth, ESNcard number and university of origin (the university in your country) to complete your registration. 

To book your discounted flight, go to Your profile name > Dashboard > Erasmus. At the bottom of the page, book your discounted flight!