Are you planning to study abroad?

Studying abroad means you will need to arrange certain practical matters before you can take off. This includes housing, arranging a visa and last but not least finding an insurance which will give you peace of mind.
Studying abroad also means you will be faced with a new culture including different customs and habits. This applies to insurances too. Different countries may present different challenges that you will want to arrange insurance cover for.

Our Aon Student Insurance is comprehensive, has worldwide coverage and is competitively priced. Choosing Aon Student Insurance equals choosing for high quality and service.
Aon Student Insurance provides you with unrivaled international health and personal insurance abroad. For students needing insurance in order to apply for a (Schengen) visa, Aon’s Student Insurance is accepted in many countries.
Aon Student Insurance plans comes in two packages, providing you with the choices you need.

The Complete package gives you all the insurance you need during your stay abroad, including primary coverage for medical expenses made on the grounds of medical necessity.
The Start Package does not cover medical or dental expenses. However, as with the Complete package, the Start Package covers accident insurance, additional costs and emergency assistance, third-party liability, legal aid, home contents, and travel and baggage.

To find out all the benefits and costs of Aon Student Insurance visit the website.