EUROpg ESN Perugia

To go to another European country thanks to cultural exchanges, for working experiences or voluntary activities, and doing it completely, or almost, free: on the occasion of the European feast, experts of the youth mobility will inform you on how to participate to abroad experiences through European mobility projects.

Young people between the age of 16 and 30 can participate to the free laboratories on 9th May from 4 pm to 6.30 pm in Piazza del Melo – in front of the Informagiovani of Perugia (nearby Via Pinturicchio – right in the city center) by subscribing within Monday 7th May.

Eight interactive, artistic and creative laboratories:

A treasure hunt with online integration “#PIGIBOUND”; 2-minutes face-to-face meetings with the Erasmus students “DATING MY ERASMUS”; in-depth games on Europe for the young people; an Instagram competition with the name of “EUROPG”; an extemporaneous collective led by the youth group “Radioactive Pidgeons” and the students of the Art School Bernardino di Betto; group creation laboratories of a youth mobility project in Europe.

This day is realised by the Informagiovani Office and Youth Policies/Eurodesk Center of the Municipality of Perugia, in collaboration with Forma.azione, ESN Erasmus Student Network Perugia, KORA association, Regional Forum for Young People in Umbria, Eures-Region Umbria, Università degli Studi of Perugia, University for Foreigners of Perugia, Youth Community Center (CGS), TarantARCI Association, RadioCULT, POST.

LIST OF LABORATORIES/ACTIVITIES - 9th MAY 2018, 4 pm – 6.30 pm

Piazza del Melo, Eurodesk Center – Informagiovani Perugia

  • European Bingo: can you find out who has been to Lithuania or who can sing in French? BINGO!! A cura di Associazione KORA
  • Pigibound: a treasure to find… remember to bring your cell phone! A cura di Eurodesk – Informagiovani Perugia
  • EUcolor: extemporaneous collective with the Radioactive Pidgeons and the students of the Art School Bernardino di Betto. A cura di CGS – Youth Community Center Perugia
  • #EUROPG: Instagram Competition, what does Europe represent to you? A cura di CGS – Youth Community Center
  • Dating my Erasmus: speed date in which you are not looking for ‘the right one’, but the experience made for you! A cura di ESN PEP Perugia
  • Run to the Answer!: How to travel in Europe by learning and feeling useful? Find the opportunities of volunteering, international exchanges and training courses offered by Erasmus+ with a very… dynamic quiz! A cura di Associazione KORA
  • Sing, Dance, Play your ERASMUS+: create with your group a mobility experience in Europe. A cura di FORMA.azione
  • Migration: Animal Geography: animals have always walked long travels to find a place to live: which are the reference points and the strategies to orient during the migrations? A cura di POST – Perugia