On December 1, 2018, on the occasion of the World Day against AIDS, ESN Perugia along with 15 other Italian and Spanish sections of the largest student network in Europe, gave its contribution with the campaign #getakissnotHIV to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and to fight the false assumptions widespread about this disease. The campaign involved more than 50 young people from all over Europe, who are currently in studying in the cities of the sections that have joined the project: they became the protagonists of a video in which they were asked to answer questions on the subject of sexually transmitted diseases.

The project was created to contrast the dangerous widespread ignorance about the HIV virus and AIDS: a survey commissioned by the Nps Italia Onlus, in fact, shows that about half of Italians aged 25 to 34 years does not know what the HIV virus is and has difficulty in recognizing the ways of how it is transmitted. Only awareness, information and reflection on the subject can avoid discrimination against people affected by HIV, unfortunately referred to as potential social dangers.

The video, posted on the official page, in a few hours has been a great success obtaining more than 100 shares, reactions, more than 5200 views on the page of ESN Perugia and on the shared posts, with a total of more than 24000 people reached. 

On December 2, the main video was followed by a second funny video with the bloopers of ESN Roma LUISS

A special thanks goes to the sections involved and our volunteers Sara Guidi and Sara Simeone (Local Coordinator for SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility projects) for having coordinated the sections of the project and created the campaign and the idea of the final video.