ESN Perugia Star School

During the first National Platform in 2018, the event in which ESNers from 54 Italian sections come together to think and make important decisions about the network, the association ESN Perugia won the nomination for the National School 2018 with 72% of the votes in favor, the Star Awards for Best Website and the Star Award for being the most profitable section with ESNcard

The PN of Bari will be remembered for a long time among the voluteers of the Perugia non-profit association, because it represents the moment in which the section was considered one of the most deserving organizations among the Italian Network in 2017.

Going with order, at the beginning of November 2018 we will have the honour of hosting in our city the National School 2018, an event in which about 90 Italian volunteers will join Perugia to learn everything there is to know about the largest student network in Europe and to learn all the soft skills useful also for their carreers. 

The National School is a key event within the Italian network and for any ESNer as it is a moment of reflection and growth, not only for the volunteer but also for the network itself, as it is through these moments that the fundamental stages of the history of ESN are told and the foundations for the future are laid through awareness of their work. As in a book or a film, it is the fundamental piece of a story, it is that revealing chapter that upsets the perspective in the reader. 
Our School will be a fun and beautiful chapter in the long and beautiful story of ESN: it will be a Star School - An ESN Story, wanting to pay homage in the title and use as a communicative expedient an important and revealing film in the Star Wars saga as Rogue One - A Star Wars Story. 

With this occasion we would like to thank all those who have worked to help us in the delicate first phase of the organisation, starting from the Municipality of Perugia, the Informagiovani Office, the University of Perugia and the University for Foreigners for the ever-present and valuable support. 
A sincere and heartfelt thanks also goes to our business partners who believed in us and who will support us during the event. We are happy with the way you welcome us during our events and for the kindness to us and to those who choose Perugia as a study destination.
But the greatest thanks go to us, who cut out a moment for Erasmus students in our lives, to us who want to make known the enormous potential of Perugia at the Italian and international level. Without the help of all the over 40 volunteers of ESN Perugia all this would not have happened.


The awards for Best Website and the most profitable section with ESNcard are the highest point in a long process of section renewal.
In detail, having won the Best Website award means having created an online portal that is complete, clear, simple to consult, updated, and original, while having obtained the most profitable Section Award with ESNcard means having enhanced the association that, during the year, stood out for perseverance, inventiveness and commitment in building partnerships at local level and promotion to members of local and national partners through their respective official channels. 
In other words, it also means having helped the Perugian fabric to grow by bringing commercial partners into the great ESN International project: ESNcard.

The results obtained were a great baggage of trust and a beautiful recognition of a constant work of improvement that day after day inspires the volunteers of the Umbrian capital. Within ESN Perugia, there is an active group that, with organization, dedication and commitment, offers its knowledge to the cause for which it was born.
Last May, we set important objectives and looking back at that time, when those same objectives seemed unattainable, we can only be satisfied: we have followed the right path in order to reach the most fundamental of the objectives, offering the best possible service and support to incoming students in the city of Perugia.

We have exceeded all expectations and hope to always do our best.