The up-to-date news we are receiving  from the institutional media is that, in UMBRIA, CORONAVIRUS IS NOT PRESENT. The cases of the tourists visiting from the northern part of Italy that have been recovered in Assisi have turned out to be NEGATIVE. There was NO CONFIRMED CASE of coronavirus in UMBRIA.
We herby request all the exchange students to rely only on VERIFIED NEWS that come from institutional organs of information, and avoid generating needless panic on both, social media and while talking to other people.

The municipality of Perugia has published, on 23/02/2020, a notice to the citizens.
“The municipal administration warns citizens that in the presence of doubts and symptoms related to Coronavirus, you should NOT go to clinics or health facilities, but you must contact your doctor by phone or contact, only if strictly necessary, the reference telephone numbers:

800636363 local emergency service (from 8.00 am to 20.00 pm seven days a week);

- 1500 (H 24 seven days a week).

ESN Perugia is constantly in touch with the University of Study of Perugia, University of the Foreigners and all the other academic institution present on local grounds and its available for all the exchange students, if they have any needs or doubts.