ESN Italy proposes itself to spread the culture of healthy living between the exchange students, practicing one or more sporting disciplines during their period of studies in Italy, striving to create more social aggregation points with other foreign students, but with italian ones most of all, even in an originally “unknown” country.

The objective of the Italian Network is to promote and favour, through the organization of sporting and entertaining activities, integration and social cohesion between italian students and local foreign students in exchange with Erasmus or similar projects.

Moreover international mobility is further fostered together with the consciousness of European citizenship, stimulating the italian students themselves in living a period abroad, in full sintony with the new “Erasmus+” program.

“Erasmus+”, from 2014 to 2020, will sustain the mobility and cooperation activities for more than four million people. The new program shall reunite in one structure, activities objects before of separated programs and will comprehend even actions of the European competence sector: sports.

The importance of it is so broad, that the European Union itself has decided to donate to sports 1.8% of the total funds of this particular European project.

Project description

In virtue of what just said, ESN Italy proposes “Erasmus & Sport”, pointing at promoting values of integration and social cohesion through sports, intended as a unifying element that underlines equality rather than diversity.

The project consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1: ESN LOCAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Local Phase)
  • Phase 2: ESN NEG - National Erasmus Games (National Phase)
  • Phase 3: ESN IEG - International Erasmus Games (International Phase)

At the development of this project works a team of Board Supporters (Organizing Committee), that coordinates with the executive board of ESN Italy.

The importance of the project “Erasmus & Sport” as a whole is to be found also in its numbers: with more than 22.000 associates in our peninsula, ESN Italy operates through 54 local sections, from which each of them has been in contact with most of Italian universities. The peculiarity of “Erasmus & Sport” is to be found also in the objective target: since always used at developing initiatives which involve the erasmus students (incoming and outgoing), this proposal is aimed at reaching not only the aforementioned subjects, but also more than 1.000.000 italian students (with particular attention to the ones involved in projects of international exchange).

This year the event will take place in Pisa from March 23rd to 25th.

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