"Erasmus of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?"
The time has come for the spookiest party of the year: the Halloween Party by ESN Perugia.
Have you already decided if dress up as a devil, IT or Jack Skellington? No?! What are you waiting for to get your costume!
Thursday 31st we'll wait for you for a thriller night where we'll dance until late night don't worry, Freddie Kruger won't find you.
Cousin ITT, Morticia Addams and the Boogie Man we'll wait for you to have botellon all together before the party and then get in the buses.
This time you will actually be able to say "I remember Halloween!"

Meeting point: Piazza Grimana h. 10.30 pm (basketball field)
When: Thursday 31st of October
Where: Moodies
Price: 5€
Deadline: 29/10 h. 8:00 pm
Fill this  form and then you can reserve your spot at our desks, through Verse or though bank transfer (in this case send us a screenshot of the transfer on FB or Instagram).


31/10/2019 - 22:30
Meeting Point: 
Piazza Grimana h. 10.30 pm(basket field)
via settevalli, 131
06129 Perugia