The 25th October, ESN Perugia with the great help of our volunteer friends at Omphalos LGBT, proposes you a day dedicated to prevention and health.

For the occasion we’ll go to Omphalos’ offices to conduct the HIV Test, quick, anonymous and free!
of course our staff will be with you step by step to help and inform you guys.

Fill out the form to let us know if you’ll come.

Love is beautiful in all its ways but it's even better when protected!

MEETING POINT: 3:30 pm in Piazza Italia to take the bus all together.

25/10/2019 - 15:30
Omphalos LGBTI
Meeting Point: 
Piazza Italia, 3:30 pm
via pallotta, 42
06126 Perugia
  • Everyone is invited.