There is only one way to say goodbye to all friends before coming back home for the Christmas holidays... obviously with a GREAT PARTY by ESN Perugia! 

To go out on a high, we'll reserve the whole disco for the dinner. Then the doors will open to a night of entertainment and loud music!
Since at Christmas we are (almost) all good, we also organized a Gift Exchange so you can make someone happy and also receive something good in return. 
Fill out this form to participate in the exchange of gifts:

Useful info:
The cost is 15€ for dinner with wine, party, and two buses at 20:15 and 21:00
To participate please fill in this form pay at the desk or by bank transfer to:

Addressee: Erasmus Student Network Association PEP Perugia
IBAN: EN37K0310403003000000820234
Causal: Christmas Dinner+Party + Name and Surname
and send the receipt of payment here

Deadline: Tuesday 11 December at 8pm

Feel the Perugina magic of Christmas with #PerugiaErasmusFamily

13/12/2018 - 21:00