Christmas is coming and also ESN Perugia is even better.
To celebrate the arrival of the Christmas holidays we decided to make you a special gift to celebrate the last party of the year!
On December 12th for only 15 € you will have the opportunity to participate to a unique event,
At Cantiere 21 you will have the opportunity to taste a fantastic full dinner to choose between two menus.
During the dinner our staff will give you your Christmas gifts from us!
And due to the fact the everyone (more or less) is kinder on these days we've organized a gift exchange for make happy someone and to receive something for you as well.
At the end of the dinner the ESN Perugia party will start.

Fill the form and pay at Desk or by Verse to reserve your place, hurry places are limited!

Other information:
• A / R buses included: 8.00 pm
• Meeting point: Piazza Grimana 7:30 pm

12/12/2019 - 20:00
Cantiere 21
Meeting Point: 
Piazza Grimana, 7:30 pm
Guido Rossa 9
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